Wednesday, August 4, 2010

08.04.10 While hard at work.....found this beauty

No not this. Although as I shot it I said to myself, "I am not going to become one of those nerdy bird guys am I?" Anyway it was cool and he didn't move, which helped, and the 400 mm lens I was using was cool too. No, the real beauty I am talking about is the center console I found for sale somewhere on Long Beach Island, maybe Surf City. What a piece. How cool would that be to use with the fly rod chasing stripers, blues, mahi, albies. Mmmmmm. Lets see, my other half is recently out of work. I have two other crafts, plus a 20 foot cuddy cabin that had died and is rotting in my fathers steel yard...mmmmm...sounds like this is the perfect time to buy this. I mean, I would make money with her, so why not right? Anyway, pipe dream. Check her out....if it helped I would even name her "Cindy".

Alright, I am too scared to say anything. But, in two days I'll be heading up to the Poconos for a family get together/ reunion/ vacation, and, hopefully, some fly fishing. Stay tuned.