Sunday, August 1, 2010

08.01.10 Early morning fishing, well rowing, on Deal Lake, and the snappers are in!

Somehow I convinced my brother that early morning bass fishing on Deal Lake would be a great idea. He bought it. So at 530 am he came over and we loaded up the pontoon boat and headed to the launch in Asbury Park. For about an hour and a half we through wooly buggers, white and brown to the lily pads trying to get something, anything, to bite. Nothing. Not only did we not catch anything, but the lake looks void of life. Thick, brown-green stained water, shallow, smelly, just not a BASSMASTER Tournament kind of lake. So we took out and headed over to the 8th Avenue jetty to see how the early morning fluke guys were doing. They said it was slow, but we did see something that was encoureging, the snappers (baby bluefish) are in. Some were using them, up to 6 inches long, for bait for the fluke. That should be fun in the upcoming weeks, snappers on the fly rod.