Saturday, May 29, 2010

05.29.10 No stripers this a.m. at Asbury Park

Hit the beach this morning in Asbury Park, got there before 9 and the high tide. Nothing doing. Guys said one fish caught around sun up. Just blind casted into the shallows along the jetty with no results. Boats were all over and not staying put in one place for long. Supposedly June 1st will start the releases out of Cannonsville Reservior at 260 cfs per day. Things are bad up there with the little bit of rain not denting the low water or high temps on the Upper Delaware. Luckily there has been some cloud cover which brought temps down a touch. That high, hot sun, plus the lack of releases has been bad for the system up there. Should be heading up there this week, probably Friday for my Trout Unlimited chapter annual Beaver Kill outing.