Wednesday, May 12, 2010

05.12.10 Busy day, wild trout stream, shad on the "D", Big Flatbrook

Up at 5am for the long drive out to Worthington State Forest on the Delaware River to meet up with friends Al and Loretta to give shad on the fly rod a try. No matter which way you go, 287, Parkway to 280 to 80, Parkway to 78 to 287 to 80, it just always seems long. Just before I got to the Old Mine Road exit I made a quick stop at Dunnfield Creek to see if I could start the day

with a wild trout. About 10 minutes after parking I was gently releasing a 5 inch wild brookie back into the crystal clear water. I tried a few other places in the hour I was there and missed one other fish. I did find trash, SURPRISE, sitting on the bank. Two Italian ice cups and a spoon. A nice romantic desert streamside, take your garbage with you back to your hotel room!! Where is there a ice cream shop anywhere near there? Soon after that I was at the campground at Worthington and getting ready for the day, which was overcast, cold, and rainy.

We took Al's boat upstream and fished a large pool below the PA campground on the river. I rigged up my 5 weight and 8 weight rods with a floating line with 7 foot 4x tippet and first tried a wooly bugger, then through the day a sparkle fly in pink and green, and finally a few shad dart from 1/4 ounce on up. Managed one bump on the fly rod. We trolled, we drifted, we anchored. I

stripped fast, I stripped slow, I dead drifted, nothing. We did have the same set ups on the spin
rods and managed about a dozen shad up to five pounds. Even though I had up to 3 non toxic split shot on the fly rod I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't take. I was able to get a few decent images between the raindrops. We fished for about 4 hours and one of the coolest things happened on the way back. Up in the big pool I started to see Blue Winged Olives on the water, tons of them. Then as we made our way back I saw a sulfur, then another, then tons. The

smallmouths or rock bass were on them like trout up in the Catskills. We caught a few bugs and
I held an impromtu portrait session with them. Back at the campground we took off the damp and cold gear and had a great lunch Loretta made for us. We talked about the day and they broke out their new Sony Cybershot camera with the panoramic option, that is cool. As I sat there I realized I was 15 miles south of the Big Flatbrook, and it was 5 o'clock. Later! I said my good byes and headed to the lower section near the USGS Gaughing Station. I saw a few fish rise there and managed a quick 14 inch rainbow on a hares ear. I continued down past the dam and picked up two more, and missed about four. I left there at 730 and retraced my steps alongOld Mine Road, to 80, to 287, to the Parkway, to 18, to home.