Saturday, November 28, 2009

11.28.09 The FISH are IN !!!

Finally got to have some on the beach, well jetty. Around 4 I went down to the 8th Avenue jetty and as soon as I saw the parking lot I knew the fish were here. There was about 10 guys at the end of the jetty and one guy leaving the parking lot with a 30 inch striper. I went down half way and set up shop.I brought my backpack with my camera gear in it, planning to shoot some stuff on a tripod if the jetties were clear. But they weren't and soon the pod of fish was getting closer, +/- 200 feet from the jetty. Guys were snapping bunker and throwing chunks to catch a mix of blues and stripers. It lasted about an hour with most of the action below the surface and the biggest take was on bait. I had fun blind casting Steve's baitfish fly, even though I was getting looks from guys like, " Don't you want to catch fish?" They said the fish were chasing bait up onto the beach at first light so tomorrow that's where I'll be!