Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11.02.09 Fly fishing, well sort of, in the Bahamas

That's me, standing on the dock in Nassau, Bahamas. What you can't see is the 1,000 foot long boat that brought me there, the Disney Wonder. Prior to my families cruise and trip to Disneyworld I researched fishing and guides out of Nassau. I found a few but it would have been 1) selfish, 2) a little pricey and 3) logistically difficult to pull off. So after we got off the ship I settled on avoiding the nagging locals about taking me fishing and opted to sneak around the dock looking for fish. After assembling my fly rod I took some blind casts into the crystal clear blue green water. I found some jacks and spadefish that were willing to chase my fly. What they were more interested in were the knots between the fly line and my leader. As I sat there alone in the shadow of the Wonder I heard a golf cart approaching in the distance. Soon I was greeted by a nice fellow who told me I couldn't fish on the docks and had to exit the port in order to fish. He got a chuckle when I asked if I was going to lose my gear and never see my family again! So after that, at least I can say, yes, I have fly fished in the Bahamas!