Sunday, November 8, 2015

11.07.15 Great day at Orvis 301 in IBSP.....put a beating on the fish!!!!!

     Last year we caught no fish during the Orvis 301 class at Island Beach State Park. With over twenty anglers with flies in the water we didn't get a tap, burt this year with half of the number of anglers we crushed em'.......the sun dials that is. There has been a bite in the area this past week and this mass (well what's left) of fish were continued to be pursued heavily by both boat and beach buggy angler. 
     We had anglers from the Orvis NYC, Marlton, Plymouth Meeting and Downington stores come out and put their 101 and 201 skills to the test in the surf. Most guys were trout guys, some new to the sport , some breaking out two handed rods for the first time. 

     I did some instruction for about an hour covering topics from gear to the fish to reading the beach. We fished until slack low before taking a break and taking some time to hear guys thoughts on fishing the surf and figuring out things the instructors needed to help with after the tide flip.


     On the incoming tide most of the guys switched over to Clousers and the bite was on. Although some had landed a few sun dials before the break, we really got into them good on the start of the incoming. Although we didn't see any birds, bait. bass or blues- the flat ones added a bit of excitement and some tight lines up and down the beach. Have to thank Rob, Tom, and Andrew- the three store managers for helping coordinate and work with the students, and Cody and Ian for jumping in and helping out. Of course I have to thank my wife Theresa for her help before, during and after the day. 

Afterwards the instructors ended the day just like last year, having some good drink and food and some laughs over at Klees in Seaside.