Monday, August 3, 2015

08.03.15 Nice to be back down on the rocks......

      It has definitely been a different year all the way around for me compared to last year. I could go on, and on, but I'll just stick to the fishing aspect of my life.

      By this time last year I had finished up guiding on the Upper Delaware in the spring and caught the nice bite of big bass at the start of the summer. Last summer it was early morning first light trips popping up bass and trying for fluke in the suds.

What a difference a year makes. 

     I changed things up a bit and have traded, for only part of a year, my fly rods for nursing textbooks. I am back in pursuit of my Nurse Practitioner license. It's going to take some time but I believe it will be worth it both professionally and financially, well at least after I pay off all the student loans. So this year there was no Delaware or early summer bass or summer first light trips. I had the boat out a few times and will have it ready for the fall run along the Jersey Shore. I won't be in Montauk as I am expecting to be back in a staff nursing position. 
     This morning I hit the rocks before first light. Funny how my knees were a little wobbly getting back up on and jumping the rocks. It was nice, a nice west wind and the start of the incoming tide made lots of white water. I popped, and popped without a swirl or a bite but it nice to be back out. I was sure switching over to a Clouser would get me a flatfish but they didn't budge for me either. 
     Of course I couldn't resist to drive up to Jetty Country, or what is left of it. Pulling into Marine and Clem Cover made me sick to my stomach. It's just all gone. They have dismantled Marine Place and covered everything else. It will take decades for it to return, if it ever does. There were so many good spots, and so many hours that I spent around the clock there alone, with friends, and clients. You could go a little north, or a little south, and see the things a year or two out from beach "nourishment" but those are changed also. 
     I am sure I am just one of a thousand people who are sickened to what happened to such fabled fishing grounds. So many good memories created there but hard to remember the good times when you stand and overlook what is happening there. 

Roseld above currently and below during the good times.