Friday, May 15, 2015

05.15.15 Nice first run after a long winters nap..........

     Hit the river at first light to shake out the boat's cobwebs and see how we did after the long winter. Short trip was mostly about the boat but I did have the beat up bluefish fly with the wire leader ready to throw. Made some stops and tried to tease up one of the bluefish that have invaded the rivers, bays, and oceanfront in New Jersey.
     Looking forward to getting back to fishing with my salt clients and with the freshwater ones ready to give the salt a shot. Next trip will be on the beach and rocks although things are still early out front. It appears the pre-spawn bass bite that occurs in the Raritan has slowed a bit as the fish have moved up the Hudson or to alternate spawning grounds. When they're done doing there mating dance they will be hungry.

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