Tuesday, May 12, 2015

05.12.15 Sad to see conditions on the Upper Delaware......

     I feel part of me is missing, or dead. not being up on the Upper Delaware this spring. Not only does my heart miss it my body does as well. The Delaware is magical.....and it touches all of my senses when I am on or near it. I hope to get up there to fish it for myself some time this spring......although it seems it will have to wait.
     I have been seeing posts mostly on Facebook about how poor conditions are there this spring. Low water and high water temps has anglers, and guides, canceling trips and fishing only the coolest of waters by foot. Sadly, even the lower Main is seeing hight temps which leaves the waters un-fishable. Now, you can fish it, however, most, myself included, would say that is un-ethical to do so. Thermal stress on the fish even with catch and release can cause damage and death to fish even if you take the most care and see them swim away.
     I can remember as an angler and guide alike having faced tough conditions in both high and low water and being disappointed. Unfortunately that's just the way it goes. Responsible angling sometimes means having to cancel, finding the "right" water, or even switching up and targeting another species. Putting the fish first won't put pictures on Facebook or money in your pocket, but it will protect the very fish we love to hunt, catch, and release.
 Kudos to the responsible anglers and guides, I hope conditions improve and all of the rain dances to the weather Gods get answered.