Sunday, January 28, 2018

01.28.18 Wow.....only two posts this month !!!

     Yep, little bit of a late entry here this week. I gave it a go this past Monday when the air temps were about 50 and the water somewhere around 40. I didn't get a bump but it was nice to just get out and air out some casts. I ran into Andy whose been at it on and off since the New Year and he hasn't got his first 2018 bass just yet. That cold spell really shut things down. 

     This past weekend was The Fly Fishing Show at its new location in Edison. I heard some good things and some things that need to be worked out. Weird flow, maybe less crowds, food and drinks not the same as the other place, more boats and less vendors. Also heard the soundproof partitions between the seminars were like talking next to a screen door. But friends saw friends and guys picked up gear and supplies and hopefully the local shops and tyers made it worth their effort and time. I didn't get there. Work Friday, clinical Saturday, and a big open house on Sunday. Its okay. I was okay with missing a year. Lot going one, and maybe lots of changes coming. 

     Looking forward to a good 2018.......