Monday, April 26, 2010

04.26.10 Stocking the Toms River

Today I met up with some Jersey Shore Trout Unlimited members and local anglers and helped the NJ Division of Fish and Game stock the Toms River. We met up shortly after 10 and after a few of the guys surveyed the water in River Bend Park the flow was too fast to float stock. We wound up heading over to a stretch above the Route 571 bridge and released around 200 rainbows into the river. What always amazed me was seeing pictures of the workers throwing? the fish off the bridges and even into the air when the water was at their feet. Today the Division worker said you have to do that, especially with the rainbows, to shock them into breathing and swimming. It's almost like smacking a newborn baby to make it take it's first breath. Rain around the next few days and then I leave Wednesday for the West Branch of the Delaware and then the float trip on Thursday. On Saturday I am helping out as Project Healing Waters is taking a fishing trip out to western NJ.