Friday, June 14, 2019

06.14.19 She's a keeper......

     Last day. Last chance to get Theresa a fish and the last chance for her to use the "fish holding gloves", in pink, that she purchased from Coop's the other day. Lots of early wind with sun in and out. We ran up to the channel and just before she was ready to give up, about 45 minutes into our 

fishing outing we caught and she landed, and more importantly held, a cute striped bass. Luckily it wasn't any bigger. She was one and done and I spent the rest of the day either standing on the ladder or walking the flats. I jumped to the brighter more protected flat where I caught the nice fish the other

day but saw nothing standing, walking, and waiting. The sun was out but the wind was rough and the tide was dropping fast. Theresa came back and got me and I couldn't help but see how she had mounted her rod on the Sumo Rod Holder. Take a look and see it for yourself. We took a quick ride

to Dogfish Bar and I was able to walk around but didn't spot a fish. The wind was gusting and mung was thick the first 20 feet off the beach. The only way, I think, to catch would be to walk the flat and sight fish for them.

     While Theresa and I were on the flat Gerry and Cathy were in the channel catching them up. Mostly small bass, a hickory shad, and a very big sea robin. The bite lasted as long as the water flowed and then it was all of us back at the ranch for Steve's famous hot dogs.


    Tonights the last chance to fish. I'm torn between staying in and having drinks with the gang or checking the spot I have spend the last few nights at. We'll see.

06.13.19 Heavy rains and wind and then a slow evening.....

     The weather was crappy in the morning but it broke in the evening. It was a long rain with big winds that leave you with a chill down to your bones. Luckily the rental house had a fireplace and it kept us warm all day in between naps and movies. Before heading out Steve and I came up with a

few patterns that would tempt the picky fish I had seen actively eating the nights before. I fished the outgoing from 7-11 with Gerry and it never really happened like I had hoped. A few surface feeders and good kurplunk here and there. I finihsed up with five little guys and two shad. Tomorrow is the last day so and it will be me and Theresa fishing together before the winds arrive.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

06.12.19 Day 5 PM fishing and why I don't go with spin guys....

          Tonight Dave and I fished the mouth of a creek tat empties into the pond. We got there about mid-ebb tide and found the fish active eating......something. Over the next three hours I emptied my fly box trying to get them to eat. Sand eel flies, baitfish flies, poppers, sliders, all in various sizes. As we made our way out onto the flat and after the fish had stopped actively eating Dave caught two nice fish.....on a spin rod.......with a plug.......

     Now I'm not saying I'm a fly fishing snob but its kind of like going deer hunting and you are using a recurve bow and arrow and your friend next to you is using a shotgun. Dave's rattly plug that moved water did more than my Double Barrel Deducer could ever do. Luckily I did get a 18 inch fish that ate a 2 inch sand eel fly so I least I didn't put up a zero for the night.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

06.11-12.19 Rainout Day 4 beautiful Day 5....

     Tuesday started out with rain and SE wind. I gave it a go in the back of the pond and when I got there fish were boiling and splashing on sand eels. I took a breath, took a step, and then began a 20 foot slip and slide until the only thing above the water was my head. Funny thing is it was only three feet of water. In the end I got a tug on a black and purple Deceiver before calling it a morning. 

      Theresa and I took the afternoon off and went to Edgartown for the afternoon. I was planning on going fishing late so after a quick nap and a group dinner I started to devise a plan. In the end I figured on going at 430 am and looked forward to a great day for sight fishing. 

      Below is the 445 am view and I realized I was an hour light because the sun came quick and the swirls and slurps stopped shortly there after. I hooked a nice fish and my loop to loop know broke at the 20 to 12 pound connection. I was back at the house by 630 and Theresa dropped me off on the other side of the pond so I could get into a groove before any sight fishing opportunity happened.

     I set up the ladder and after and hour of nothing I turned around and fished the start of the inlet on the mid-outgoing. I was using a Coop's crab fly and landed 14 which ranged in size from 12-24 inches. One thing is these little guys pull, and couple that with the current and you think the fish are

bigger then they are. Before the tide flipped I set up my ladder in a few spots and only saw 4 fish that were just cruising by. I got a feeling in my gut that Red Beach wasn't going to be good today. Between the late tide, passing sun, and wind it would be tough to see them. I came up with a plan

to hit a different flat on the other side of the pond. Its a all-in decision. I wasn't going to walk back if it wasn't any good. I carried the ladder halfway up flat and continued to the turn in the pond. Walking back I didn't see anything until I saw one, made a good cast, and watched him eat. It was my only keeper sized fish so far this trip and its nice releasing it back into such nice crystal clear water. 

Monday, June 10, 2019

06.10.19 Tough conditions and disaster averted.....

     I'll start with disaster averted. So with the coming storm this evening we had cloud cover and steady SE wind today. I decided to stick with old reliable and stay in the pond and hopefully catch them by sight. Jump ahead a few hours. With nothing doing and my legs aching from standing on that ladder for hours I decided to put my stripping basket and rod on one of the rungs and take the decent walk to get a snack and drink from the community cooler we had set up on the beach. 

Now remember its a SE wind and an incoming tide......

     So as I chew my snack bar and sip the water I turn and look back to the basket and no rod. A quick glance over the whitecaps on the flat and I see my basket and rod bobbing up and down. If you look at the top pick you can see how far the ladder is away, its in the center of the frame. Luckily it was a N wind and outgoing tide. 

     I was out the door at 6am and hit a spot where water empties out from another pond. There were all kinds of birds lining the exit and I just went to look. About 10 seconds later there was a big plop so I ran back to the truck and got my gear, changed my fly to a Decieverish pattern, and headed back. First cast and I was tight with a nice fish, that although skinny, pulled really nice. 

     After Steve's famous breakfast we came up with a plan and headed to my favorite beach and flats. Like I said tough conditions between the wind and clouds. We were on the water by 930 which was an hour past low. In skinny water even with bad conditions you can usually get a glimpse. Well in

four hours I saw two and landed one of them. This nice fish was actually running away and I was able to get a good cast, have him turn, and then eat. Today just never got going although the two elder

statesmen had double digit numbers in the deeper channel. After lunch on the beach we headed back to drop the guys off and Theresa and I went to check on a spot but found too much water there at high tide so we just walked around and went through sone casting lessons in anticipation of her first

solo striped bass this trip, which hopefully will be coming later this week. Looks like big rain this evening and tomorrow not so hot but I have a plan to get some fishing in regardless. Still having fun as always.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

06.09.19 Great Day 2 and the fish that got away.....


     Good weather conditions and good sight fishing. We're lucky the wind has been somewhat cooperative to go with the high midday sun. We hit it on the start of the incoming and I hung on the flat and Steve moved to deeper water were he landed 10 on a bigger fly. I stayed skinny and landed four that took a crab fly. Of course I have the fish that got away story. 

     I have been casting to school bass with some brutes mixed in. I found a trio working near some grass beds and made a decent cast in their direction. After a few strips I was tight and enjoyed the good fight until it was about ten feet away and then....boink, it was off. I thought my 12 pound tippet broke but after reeling in I saw my fly, with half a hook was still attached. The fish looked to be about 33-35 inches and would have been one of my best fish up on the Vineyard yet.

     Theresa made some lunch and joined us out on the pond. Later in the day she gave it a go working on her casting and us trying to sight fish in the late afternoon setting sun. We didn't see anything but had a good time practicing for tomorrow, which will hopefully be good if the weather holds out. 

     Theresa, Steve and I were joined by Gerry, Kathy, Dave and Rich so thats seven of us sharing the house. After burgers Rich and I headed to Dogfish and stayed till the su went down. We saw some terns diving on sand eels over the bar but nothing else as far as life. We had low water and between there and a quick stop at the inlet we both came up blank.

     Tuesday is looking like bas weather so hopefully we can get tomorrow in.

06.08.09 Great welcome to the Vineyard with perfect conditions on Day 1....

     It was an early start picking Steve up at 130 am making our way north. Got passed Stamford and the 95 shutdown by taking the Merritt Parkway. Had to stop and sleep for a half and hour as I was starting to fall asleep while driving. I was worried about crashing, but then worried about missing the ferry. Luckily we made it to Woods Hole with plenty of time for the 815 am ride over.

      Conditions were dam near perfect so we stopped and grabbed a bagel in Oak Bluffs and by-passed the usual stop to the grocery store and Coops to get in the water. We stopped by our house for the next week and it is beyond beautiful. Plenty of room and great views of Menemsha.

     We lugged out stuff down to the beach for the week, ladder, umbrella, and beach chairs and as Theresa took a much needed nap I started looking in the water on the start of the flood tide. The fish came up and I spent the next few hours casting to fish in the 24-30 inch range. I landed three after switching to buggy looking crab flies to a more exact replica. The wind went from our backs to into our faces and it shut things down. Day 2 looks better as the wind is near zero with high bright sun.