Tuesday, June 10, 2014

06.10.14 Last chance Jersey bass before heading to the Vineyard tomorrow.....

     Gave it a go early this morning hoping to find a bass on the beach or the rocks.....forget it. Weird, weird, weird spring down here. Lots of big bass on the boats.....not much for the surf casters. Usually there is a nice mix of schoolie to better than schoolie bass around but thats just not the case this spring. That's been my experience...and well as the group of guys that I talk with just about everyday.
     Tomorrow morning I am heading to Martha's Vineyard for a week of striper fishing. I was invited by a group of guys that go every year from the Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders. I am really looking forward to experiencing fishing the legendary places on the Vineyard with some great guys.

     I am a little torn about going, there's great fishing out front going on here now, my sons senior prom is Friday, and, I'll miss Father's Day withe the kids on Sunday.

     When I get back it will be full tilt looking to catch the tail end of the good striper fishing. I have a few dates available starting next Thursday June 19th and then Friday June 21st. If you have dates available past that and would like to fish check in with me before I head back up to the Upper Delaware to fish for a run of days starting June 25th. If you would like to get out and get a shot at some beautiful big striped bass on big flies and poppers give me a call 732.261.7291 or email me colin@theaverageangler.com

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